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The best way to buy our games is through our Kickstarter campaigns!

Stop The Killer Games doesn't operate as a traditional online retailer... at least not yet!

All of our games are officially licensed, and most of them are crowdfunded. Yes, we will do flash sales here and there, we may attend horror conventions once or twice a year, and our partner company - Fright Rags - will sell some games, but the best way to reserve a copy for yourself or your store is to pledge to our Kickstarters.

5 advantages to YOU when you back one of our Kickstarters:

  1. You'll save money! You'll get the best pricing when you reserve your copy through Kickstarter. If games are sold outside the Kickstarter, the prices will go up... and up... and up... each time they are made available for sale.

  2. Super Fun Expansion Packs! You'll get exclusive access to the Expansion Packs ONLY through Kickstarter. And if we do make the Expansion Packs available for sale after the Kickstarter, they will be much higher priced than during the campaign.

  3. Amazing Add-Ons! If the licensor approves Add-Ons (enamel pins, posters, shotglasses, pressbooks, etc.) you will get exclusive access to those, too.

  4. Your name in lights! Your name will appear inside the game box in our THANK YOU section for making your pledge... because without YOU, our games wouldn't exist!

  5. You won't over-pay! You won't have to resort to eBay and pay outrageous prices to buy your games!

If you've pledged to our previous campaigns... THANK YOU. You were there when we needed you, and we seriously can't thank you enough!

If you are new to Stop The Killer, and you will be supporting our future games... THANK YOU in advance! We are thrilled that you're here!



Successfully Funded: May 2022

My Bloody Valentine is licenced from Cinepix.



Successfully Funded: January 2022

Silent Night, Deadly Night is licenced from Wonderwheel Entertainment LLC


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