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We want your input!

We are in constant need of testers for our games, and YOU are welcome to be a part of the process!

If you sign up to be a tester (see schedule below), you will join a Zoom session and play a virtual version of the game in a small group with other testers in real time under the guidance of our game designer. You will play a full game and then at the end you can share any thoughts and comments you have with our designer about your overall experience playing and how to potentially improve the gaming experience.

When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link in it. Please DO NOT share the link with anyone else, it is private and confidential. On the day of the testing session, simply sign in on time using the Zoom link, and you'll be admitted into the Zoom. We promise you'll have a lot of fun!

If you must cancel, please use the cancellation link in your confirmation email or contact us at to let us know. Please DO NOT take screen grabs during testing!

Please note the following!

REQUIREMENTS: You need a PC or Mac (you cannot test on your phone or iPad), and Zoom (Click HERE to go to Zoom's download page.)


All times are in the PST (California) time zone! So please adjust your time to that zone.

(Example: You live in New York EST time zone... for a 2:00 PST test play, that would be 5:00pm for you in New York).

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