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"Silent Night Deadly Night" HexD3x Series

The perfect stocking stuffer!
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An edge-matching solitaire card game where you try to hold on to your sanity!

You work at a toy store during Christmas season, and management has you dressed as Santa and holding an axe. The problem? You might be a LUNATIC! Can you keep your sanity together, or will you snap... and punish the naughty ones?

The PERFECT stocking stuffer!


  • 3 "Ira's Toys" cards
  • 60 Character Cards: Mother Superior, Grandpa, and Killer Santa (Illustrations by Jorge Iracheta)
  • 3 PUNISH Cards
  • 3 NAUGHTY Cards
  • Rule Book
  • Hexagon-shaped box

What is "HexD3x"?

Our "HexD3x" card game series is a solitaire gaming series for those who want to play games solo. With a small 3.5" size, the decks can be taken with you anywhere... coffee shop, friend's house, school... play anytime! It's called "HexD3x" because during the game you match 6 sides (the "Hex") by using 3 symbols (the "D3x").

"Silent Night, Deadly Night" is licensed by Wonderwheel Entertainment LLC

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