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Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Novel

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Warning: This book is shocking!

"A sick, superb twist on a holiday classic" - Bloody Disgusting

"An absolute must-read for SNDN fans, and perhaps for its critics too." - Fangoria

The official tie-in novel to one of the most controversial horror films of all time is available for pre-order until Dec 7th! (Note: The original cut-off date for pre-orders was Dec 1st, but we in a giving spirit and still sending out the autographs and bookmarks and autographs ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.)

Written by MY BLOODY VALENTINE: THE NOVEL author, Armando Muñoz, this pre-order window gets you some exciting exclusive goodies!:

  • First Edition Hardcover Printing with Dust Jacket
  • Extra Chapter ONLY found in this First Printing
  • Autographed by Author and the Co-Executive Producers of the Original 1984 Classic Film (Wet ink signatures via bookplate)
  • Collectible Double-Sided Bookmark
  • Limited Edition Cover Art by Lynne Hansen (two different covers!)

You’ve made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.

Christmas Eve, 1971... Five-year-old Billy Chapman witnessed his parents brutally murdered by a man disguised as Santa Claus, leaving him and his little brother to be raised in a strict Catholic orphanage ruled by the sadistic Mother Superior.

December, 1984... Eighteen and finally on his own, Billy sets out to live a normal life. Landing a job at the local toy store, he's forced to play Santa Claus for the holiday season. Still in his red suit at the employee Christmas party, Billy snaps, going on a violent rampage, punishing all those he deems "naughty!”

Now, with one last gift to deliver, Billy makes his way back to the orphanage, where he has an axe to grind with Mother Superior.

Naughty. Very... naughty.

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