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THANKSGIVING: John Carver's Carving Board Game

Designed by Eli Roth & John Cohn
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In this game based on Eli Roth's hit film, players start by attending an in-store Black Friday sale that gets way out of hand, with people dying in horrific ways in every aisle! But things go from bad to worse because a killer wearing a John Carver mask is also on the loose murdering the townsfolk in droves! Unlike the movie, you are rewarded for dying... A LOT! The player who dies the most is revealed to be John Carver, triggering a final battle between the rest of the players and Carver!

Who will win? And more importantly, will they be thankful for their victory?

Publisher: Stop The Killer Games (Releases November 2024)
Game designed by Eli Roth and Jon Cohn
Game produced by Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon
Promotion and development by Fright Rags
Illustration by Zachary Jackson Brown

THANKSGIVING is licensed from SONY.

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